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Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management

The Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management is recognised as a Level 4 programme within the UK VRQ framework. It may be broadly compared with the first year of a 3-year BA(Hons) degree course, or first year of a 2-year foundation degree course.

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The course comprises four mandatory units, plus four optional units.

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The more comprehensive qualification specification may be accessed here

Entry criteria:

  1. Award-holder of a Level 3 Certificate, Award or Diploma, or;
  2. Holder of two or more UK 'A' levels, or;
  3. 2 years relevant experience.

Suitable for:

- Those wishing to enrol on a career-related professional qualification;

- Those already involved in administration and wishing to gain recognition for their skills;

- Those wishing to undertake academic study with options to progress to BA(Hons) degree.

Candidates should be aware of - and be prepared to apply themselves to - the depth of study required at this level.

Delivery options:

- Distance basis. Study at home or work at a pace to suit you. Suitable for UK and overseas students.

- Tailored Course. We can work with employers to deliver this course in-house or externally, in a timeframe and budget and with learning outcomes to suit your organisational needs.

- Fixed Venue. Join us at our fixed venue classes in London and Norfolk - see News section for details.

Enrolment dates:

- Distance basis: You may enrol at any trime on this course when studying on a distance basis.

- Fixed venue: Please see links from the News section of the Deltic website for details of fixed venue enrolment dates

Recommended total study hours: We recommend 6-10 hours of study a week to sucessfully complete this qualification in about a year. Our experience suggests that actual hours of study to achieve the Level 4 Diploma are lower where the student has relevant practical knowledge and experience.

Suggested period of study: Deltic recognise the challenging (and rewarding) nature of this course, and that individual prior knowledge, learning style and personal circumstances, will all affect the overall time to be taken in completing this course. Nonetheless, generally we would advise students to sit the course over three or four examination sittings, giving a total period of study of around 12 -15 months.

Assessment method: Please see Level 4 Content Overview for details of assessment method for each unit.  

Our fully inclusive course fee includes: Study Guides, Tuition support,  access to regular tutorials (for fixed venue courses), awarding body registration fee, 8 x assessment fee, access to the Deltic Library. Please note that the course fee is the whole course, and not a per annum fee - once you have paid, take as short or long a period to complete as required, subject only to qualification lifespan.

Enrolled Deltic students are also able to apply for the National Union of Stiudents (NUS) Extra Card. 

To download a copy of the Level 4 Diploma course leaflet - which includes the enrolment form on the last page - please click here


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